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The AC wasn’t turned on for 2 hours of passengers being on the plane and it welches easily 100 degrees inside. Everyone welches hot and miserable. The seats were also extremely close together. I have never been so uncomfortable on a long haul flight. AER

This is a handy guide to show you the functions of each instant Gras button. Learn which Ansteckplakette to use for different types of cooking.

know the service we received welches not a one off because we had other friends come out the week after we were there and they had nothing but fantastic things to say about Bilyana.

Ungefähr wollten wir eine ganze Stunde reden, aber dann ist die Demokratie dazwischen gekommen zumal wir mussten uns ein wenig beeilen, welches ich sehr bedauernswert finde, denn ich bin eng davon überzeugt, dass Gregor Gysi sehr viele Geschichten nach erzählen gehabt hätte. Holger Klein 25:05 WR170 Eukalyptusschaum

Currently, it is quiet on the outskirts of Afrin. But prior to this spring, the canton welches besieged for almost a year by Islamic State fighters and other Syrian rebel groups angry with the Kurds for their cooperation with the Assad regime.

Fluorür seine Türkei-Berichterstattung wurde er mit dem Journalistenpreis der Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft ausgezeichnet.

Once Bafri broke the ice, all of the women had stories to tell and they began talking about the differences between fighting in the mountains and house-to-house fighting in the towns. It was an unusual scene for this part of the world: Women speaking freely to strangers. Later, during training, they had to balance on a two-meter-high beam, crawl under barbed wire and roll forwards over a half-m-high Schreibblock while running.

There is no proof of his allegations about weapons and money, but the other claims are verifiable. The YPG, he says, have been defending the city for 37 days. "Without them," he says, "Kobani would have already fallen 37 times by now." Belastung week, Turkey reached an agreement on sending 200 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters from Iraq through Turkey and into Syria in order to help in the battle to save Kobani, but Ok has little regard for the plan. "What Peshmerga?" he asks, grinning. "I fought with the Peshmerga -- that welches 30 years ago. But it is no longer the same army. They've become weak. When people just sit around, they lose their will to fight." He says that weapons, medicine and ammunition are needed hinein Kobani, not Peshmerga fighters. He believes that PKK's ongoing ban hinein Germany is unjustified. Doesn't the PKK share the same principles as the West, he asks? Things like women's rights, environmental protection and democracy? He discounts the darker side of PKK -- that involving contract killings, involvement in the drug trade, kidnappings and terror attacks.

So maybe hinein a week they'll sort it out. It is a totally ridiculous and irresponsible situation for these businesses to create. I had to buy a whole new ticket to reach my destination. People at the Pegasus desk at the airport were beyond unhelpful and I've spent hours on the phone while on vacation trying to sort it out.

Is it not unusual to Tümpel the same girls face on every book about the kurds fight? Every Nachrichtensendung outlet has the same pictures, videos, throwing rein the face of ISIS that a girl is fighting them? This looks like a set-up to me, made for [...]

The is a delay hinein departure more than one hour for some technical fault rein the craft. We have been crammed with out sending us back to the lounge. Disgusting

Ihr gebt ja eh keine Ruhe. Darum gibt’s An dieser stelle das zweifache Wrint-Outro zum Anhören oder verkligeln. Ansonsten da ich mal an irgendeinem ort gehört habe, dass das iPhone keine Kligeltöne länger wie 30 Sekunden kann (haha), habe ich das Dings An dieser stelle nochmal ein ein wenig gekürzt, welches In diesem fall geführt hat, dass es etwas oller klingt. Aber Hauptsache iPhone, […] Ihr gebt ja eh keine Ruhe. Darum gibt’s An diesem ort das zweifache Wrint-Outro zum Vernehmen oder verkligeln.

„Europäer lieben es, draußen zu sein, so gesehen gutschrift wir alles so gestaltet, dass unsere Gäste überall die natürliche Schönheit der Insel erleben können – und das fängt mit dem Barfußumziehen an“, erklärt Milaidhoo-Manager Shuhan.

The fact that Germany is only providing weapons check my blog to the Peshmerga and not to the YPG, which is leading the battle for Sinjar, makes no sense, he says. "You could also give weapons directly to us." He says that meetings have been held with US officials in both northern Iraq and Europe since September. "We talked about how our fighters could identify target coordinates in Kobani and pass them along," he says. They have apparently been successful. US air strikes have become much more accurate since then.

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